In recent studies it has been found that about 40% of a “productive” day in an office is spent checking office emails. That is over two hours out of an eight hour work day spent simply reading emails; so what do you employees do with the other six hours a day (excluding lunch), who knows. You can know now with some of the latest software in employee surveillance.

We are not talking about placing cameras in every cubicle in your office; but instead software especially designed to report to you, a small business owner, on exactly what websites your employees visit. It is impossible to see every screen in the office at every moment throughout the day; but with this software you can track key strokes, visited websites, and downloaded documents. Not only does this provide a report to you on the overall productivity of your office, but it also serves as a huge preventive measure whenever it comes to securing your company network and protecting your computer systems.

Avoiding costly repairs and fixes on the computer due to a virus is one thing, tracking to ensure your employee is not accidentally leaking sensitive company data over a social network, or unknowingly through spam email communication is another. Avoiding the loss of customer data can not only help build trust with your clients; but also avoid costly law suits that compromised data can cause.

Employee surveillance is becoming a necessity no matter the size of your office; there are simply too many risks in interacting with the internet from a secure office network that houses your private data, and your customer data. Ensuring that this data is secure and only accessible by those who are allowed access to it is vital. Whether you have to block websites to increase productivity, or simple audit a user on your network for security risks, this software will ensure you are well protected in the coming years from constantly evolving cyber threats.

This advanced system for employee surveillance will provide you with insight to your daily network usage as well; so is also a great way to measure individual employees on what they do whenever you are in your office. If you have someone on social media sites all day, chances are they are not working on the project due in a week. This software can start saving your company money from day one, and prevent costly network outages and personal information from being released to the wrong hands in the future.