Who touched my computer when I was out? How do I do this? Is there any way to monitor children when they are on computer? These all can be solved with spyware called Computer Monitoring Software.At school, it used for monitoring students’ activities in internet. At home it used for monitoring families’ internet records. At office, it used as not only employee monitoring software but also printer monitor and so on. The most important is for personal, when I was out, it can record who touched my computer in detail as a keylogger. This is how powerful a spyware is.Even someone use my computer for watching DVDs, computer monitoring software can record it,too.There are many DVD tool softares in my computer, like DVD ripper, DVD copy and so on.

How did you do to put DVD to PSP ?I always rent DVDs for a store near by,and rip DVD to avi or rip DVD to iPod.This is easy for me to use DVD ripper or DVD copy to do this,and if something more complicated,such as convert videos.At that moment,I really need some other video converter for help,iPod video converter as its name, convert videos to ipod.
And PSP video converter as its name for converting videos to PSP.Like this, zune video converter and iphone video converter is almost the same,but they all packed in one suit,very easy for download and easy to use their functions.

Something like DVD rip is really proficiently for most of people for using these powerful software, this is the time of computer, time of software ,so just use it without any waste.