Hello , How may I help you?
Hello,Can you tell us a little about your employee monitoring system?
You could start by helping us clear these questions.
For example, does the system works on client or server basis?
Like we download and install the system on a local server computer and create/download client packages to client computers (like SEP) to monitor them.
Purchase of this would be a server package?
Or will it be a client based system where we have client setup and we install this package to all of the clients and monitor them ?
We have 50-100 PCs that we plan to implement this system , how would the pricing work exactly?

Best Regards.
Hi,The EAM software server/client mode, you should prepare a server pc and install the agent program onto all the client computers.
The price is based on the number of the computer you want to monitor.
For 50 computers, the price is $1999.95.
If it is possilble can I ask you to email these with a little more information about how your system works and what distinguishes your program from other similiar monitoring programs to …………
Yes, I will, our EAM Professional can be the best employee monitoring solution in the market.
With it you can see live desktop of 30 computers in one windows, and much more other good features.
For software product, I suggest you to make a trial to get the best one for you, if you only read web pages or talk with sales man, you will not get the good products.
As we are in need of such a program we would like to work with you , but as I said I need a formal email which includes all we have talked here to IT deparments shared email addres that I told before , if you can please send the email there.
Sure, our guys will send you an email with that info.
We provide 15 days monitoring soft free trial as well.More…
That would be really good , i will relay this info to my manager as well.