With our IMonitor EAM you will have your hand on the pulse of what is going on in your LAN and keep an eye on your employee Internet activity during office hours. Essentially, IMonitor EAM is powerful remote computer spy software designed to monitor Internet usage of employees including website surfing activity, sent and received emails, instant messages, typed keystrokes, downloaded files and used applications. With our remote computer control software an employer is able to view all keystrokes that are typed, website surfing activity, emails sent and received, programs run, etc. Each time an employee uses the Internet for personal needs, our Internet control software will record this also. So an employer can see who is wasting working ours on personal needs and who is working hard. If you have numerous workstations with an active Internet connection in your local network, it may seem rather difficult to monitor every move of your employees. But our remote computer control software can be installed in just a few easy steps ensuring that any computer in your local network can be monitored remotely from a single administrator’s PC. Power Keylogger’s computer control software provides remote monitoring of a particular PC or full local network, which means that you don’t need to have a physical access to the computer that you want to monitor. You can easily control your children no matter where you are – in the neighboring room, at work or away for a business trip. Our remote computer control software gives you the ability to monitor all activities of a particular computer – in real time from any computer with an Internet connection.