The use of e-mail during business hours is a common phenomenon of the 21st century in workplace. E-mail aims to increase the efficiency of employee’s work because of its low price, quick installation and simple interface. However, the use of email can also cause commercial secrets leaking so you need email keylogger to prevent employee disclosure of commercial secrets and other confidential information. You can easily configure the program so that your kids or spouse will never know it is running. Additionally, there are two ways to view information gathered with this keylogger. Firstly, you can view it through PC that you have installed keylogger into. Secondly, you can set the program up to mail you these reports regularly (one hour, 12 hours, or every day). So you can be away in your office and know what your kids are playing, whether a backpacking trip is really going to be? whether there is a huge party in the desert with bunch of dope and booze? and if your child has some real problems and he or she is not willing to share it with their parents. Download Power Keylogger now! IMonitorsoft products: computer monitoring software 丨 Time Sheriff