It is the age of the Internet now, No matter a company or an individual, a variety of contact with the outside world are basically network based,.The business between companies are also mostly operated by mail, fax and other networking manners. This invisible big net ties us together tightly. People use internet marketing, online shopping, online dating, online learning etc, but everything has two sides, the network is also fraught with dangers. Many people use Internet for network crime, such as thefting and selling company secrets, phishing, online pornography, network drug trafficking, hacker attacks and so on. For a company, indeed affect the whole body, especially the company’s network security needs attention. A powerful network monitoring software is very useful, it can monitor company’s internal network security from all aspects and 360 degrees to make you the easy business.

iMonitor employee computer monitoring software does well in network monitoring and trusted by many small and medium,large side enterprises. Its network monitoring key functions include the following aspects: Web browsing history, instant messaging / chat, send and receive e-mail records, Webmail records, e-mail attachments records, search keywords record, download history, FTP file transfer record, network disk use records etc. You can see all your employees’ network operations. In addition, through the preset keywords, the software will automatically send an alert to the server computer, so you can detect dangerous, stop it and deal with it timely. iMonitor employee computer monitoring software can monitor and record monitored computer all operations, and automatically generate daily, weekly, monthly reports, based on which you can understand whether your employees working hard or not and your network condition.

Protecting the company network security is protecting the company’s blood, the company could not survive without blood, so network monitoring is imperative!