There are more and more businessmen working at home but not office now.And they also want to know if they can monitor their business at home.Though monitor software is used generally at office,but it only can monitor computers at the same LAN.So,is it possible to monitor pc in your office but at home? And in a forum,there is a topic the same as I think. Monitor software is not like DVD ripper ,DVD rip software is usually for personal used for dvd ripping ,dvd to avi and dvd to mp4 also,if you are a dvd funs,you will need it. All the montoring softwares are called spyware,also include keylogger. The topic says Is it possible to monitor your business from your home?What would it take for me to be able to visually monitor my business from my home? I already have an on-premise ADT system monitoring my business. I am online at home but not at the business. The ADT rep told me he thought I should be able somehow to go through my ISP (Comcast) in order to set up a system which would allow me to monitor my business from my house use software like spy software. Would I also need to be online at my business? Would I need to have my own website in order to be able to receive images at home?