Is your company data secure enough? How much privacy do your employees maintain at work place? Do you wonder how an employer can save confidential data from getting transferred to wrong hands? It is obviously not possible to monitor employee internet usage by standing behind or constantly taking rounds of the work area. If you are looking for employee email monitoring software and PC keylogger program, you have found the proper place on the Web. Power Keylogger is here to provide you with powerful and full-featured computer and Internet monitoring software. Our PC keylogger program provides you with the ability to view all keystrokes typed, websites visited, internet chat conversations made, programs run, etc.

IMonitor EAM even captures screenshots of a user desktop and saves them into a special log file! Our all-in-one internet monitoring software allows an employer to control employees internet usage effectively. We designed our employee email monitoring software to control transfer of confidential data and information sent through emails or instant messengers and avoid Internet misuse during the official working hours. IMonitor EAM allows you to control employee internet usage invisibly and effectively within your local network. PC keylogger program captures and logs all Internet-based activities that a user may perform on his computer. Our Power Keylogger creates logs with website visits, internet chat conversations, online shopping and games, images viewed and much more. In such a way, you’ll be always aware about what is going on within your home of office network during your absence.