The main goal of our internet monitoring software is to track all computer activities from a centralized location. This allows an employer to know what his employees are doing online when they’re supposed to be working. Besides, our Internet monitoring software is a type of computer monitoring software that captures and logs all Internet-based activities that a user may perform on his computer. Actions that are logged include website visits, internet chat conversations, online shopping and games, images viewed and much more. Our computer spy software even captures screenshots of a user desktop! Undoubtedly, as a manager or business owner, you want to know if your employees are indeed productive at work as well as need to learn how to monitor Internet usage of employees remotely. One of the most effective and reliable ways to do this is by installing feature-rich remote computer monitoring software from Power Keylogger guaranteeing you round-the-clock tracking, complete invisibility and unprecedented level of control. Our Internet monitoring software tools are popular among parents, teachers, employers, spouses, security professionals and network administrators because they leave no doubt about particular computer or local network activities.