What is the best way to earn money?This question is always asked by people around me.And kinds of tempted ads are everywhere in internet.Some programers earn money with there programs in internet,and some hawkers sell things on ebay.These are all the way of earning money. And there is another way to earn money is to act as an agent,especially software program agent.On regnow or any other payment processer,there are so many ready-made programs to be join such as DVD ripper and DVD converter, DVD rip softwares are popular for years,it useful for those who rent DVDs and want to convert DVD to avi.But this kind of DVD rippers cannot be popular so long,of course there are some rising software to be joined in,like spyware.Spy software is new and developing recent years.It used for moniotor employees and monitor pc at home or school.These employee monitoring is popular with managers and it’s has a big market.To be an agent of this software or keylogger software will be easy to get money. If you have any other way to earn money,it will be good for sharing your experiences,and it is said,while there is a will,there is a way.Find more and more will,earn more and more money.