Open typed keystrokes, administrator can see every keystroke typed. Of course password and user name is included. In this way you can hack a password easily if anyone used your computer. Game parental control software – Power Keylogger is made for faminly for parental control. Another problem that recently got a lot of publicity is bullying and name-calling with instant messengers. While your kids may not be honest with you about who they are chatting with and what they discuss, you can find a way to know exactly what’s going on without invading your kid’ privacy. How? Power Keylogger For Home! After the software is installed, it will record every single keystroke, together with the user name of the program it was typed in. So you will have full transcripts of chatting and IM sessions, e-mails, names of websites entered. You can even know it if your child used a credit card to purchase something online. Game parental control software blocks application: Choose programs you don’t want a selected user to have access to. If they try to run the application it will be blocked. In this way, we can drag some children out of game addiction step by step. All games are program or embedded in websites. With game parental control, you can easily block these applications or websites. IMonitorsoft products: computer monitoring software 丨 parental control software