IMonitor EAM customer live chat archives

My company has 3 different locations,can i monitor the entire staffs?

With our imonitorsoft,subsidiaries manage is also very easy.If you have internet ip, you will be able to monitor all computers from one server.

Will my colleagues find out that we are monitoring their activities?

The imonitorsoftware works in stealth mode on the monitored computer,so it won't be found.

What should i do if i want to monitor more PCs?

If your company had extend and you employed more staffs,maybe this will do you a favor.

I am going for a trip. Can i see my employees' activity logs while i come back?

Even though you want to take a trip or have a long leave,you can still check what your staffs have done during this time when you come back.

How to upgrade the version?

Our software will upgrade regularly,increase many new functions,if you want to know about them,please check our website or contact us.

How can i have the proof that my client is playing a video for long time?

Do you want to get the proof that your client is playing a video for long time? The imonitorsoft application report can tell you everything.

I am getting an error when trying to open any email of EAM.

If you have any trouble opening emails of EAM,dont't worry,maybe this chat log will give some advice or you can just contact our support.

I can't login to my eam standard server, I get a license error message.

If you have trouble logining to your eam standard server, please check this chat log.

What type of alerts can imonitor soft setup?

Imonitor soft has many types of monitor alerts,file copy, move, usb device, print, block website/application, keyword detected etc.

I need someone to help me install the msi for imonitoream.

The msi only can be installed via Group Policy.You just need to install the EXE agent file.

Is this software installed on every computer?Or is it just on the server?

You should install server program on server PC, and agent program on every pc you wanna monitor.

Can i install the software remotely?

The agent program can be installed manually, remotely, and you can even install it via Group Policy.

Are there any limitations to the trial version of imonitor EAM?

Before your purchase,you can try our imonitor EAM free trial version for 15 days.

Can i block USB port by using the imonitor software?

Our imonitor software can disable removable devices to guarantee your data safety.

Why am I unable to login to my imonitor EAM standard server?

If you have trouble in logining your imonitor server,please refer to the chat.

Why can't i pull up the log files?

If you can't use some functions of our imonitorsoftware successfully,maybe it's time for you to upgrade your version.

Why the logs disappeared?

The trial version doesn't allow you to view history logs,it only allows you to view the latest 100 records.If you want to view more Previous logs,you can try our full version.

I don't have a static internet IP address,but i want to monitor oversea client computers.What should i do?

If you don't have a static internet IP address,but you still want to monitor oversea client computers.You can try our iMonitor Keylogger Pro or you can check the chat carefully.

Does the imonitor EAM soft can tell us how much time the Employee is idle and not working on Desktop?

The iMonitor EAM software can summarise the monitored PC's run time and idle time for you to know whether your employee is doing a good job or not.

When i start the imonitor EAM server,i got an alert message: license programm error.What should i do?

When you get an alert message: license programm error,don't worry,just do according to the chat.

Will the imonitor EAM alert me if the keyword is in the body of a email?

Imonitor EAM Keyword Detector alert feature applys to both incoming and outgoing IM, Email,and other logs like file name, window caption, print jobs...

How many PCs can imonitor eam monitor at most?

Imonitor EAM software can monitor at most 5000 PCs,it must be your best choice.

Where is the monitored data stored? Is it safe?

All the monitored data is stored on your server computer,it's very safe.You can check it anytime.

We earlier installed your IMonitor EAM Standard Edition trial version on a test computer,and yesterday we purchased IMonitor EAM Standard Edition 8.1 for 12 computers.Now we want to use it on our admin computer,how can we do it?

If you have purchased our imontor software full version and don't know how to do with the free trial version,maybe you can take a look at this chat.

Why am i unable to connect to the eam server?

If you changed your server IP address,you have to resume it otherwise you will be unable to connect to the eam server.

Will we get ready support anytime when we run into difficulties? How does that work?

We will provide you the fastest and best support whenever you have problems via email, live chat, and remote desktop support.

Why isn't my keywords log woking?

If you have any trouble in using our software,please don't worry,just contact us and we will get you through it.

Does the Imonitor EAM run invisible or is it visible to my employees? Does it have any trigger feature?

Imonitor EAM software runs in stealth mode,your employees won't see it,it's safe to you. And it also has many trigger features,just have a try on the free trial version.

Why can't i get the client pc working?

If you have any trouble using our software,please contact us anytime,we will do our best to help you.

I cannot install the agent on another pc to monitor, could you help me?

For your convenient use, please update your software timely.

If I do a mass update,is it going to restart all the computers automatically?

If you don't know some button's mean,please contact us to make sure anytime.

We had already purchased the imonitor eam software from you and i would like to have the latest version of the software,can you please provide the download?

If we have the new version,we will send you the download link,if we forget to do this, please contact us,we will upgrade your soft as sonn as possible.

How can i calculate the difference between the PC's idle and run time. What do you suggest?

Imonitor softwares have report Tab,including daily,weekly and monthly, you can see the client PCs' idle and run time to judge whether your staffs are working or not.

Can i check what kind of files are being uploaded,downloaded or copied to USBs etc?

Imonitor EAM software can record all the file related operations and give you the alert.The file related operations includes uploading,downloading,copying,moving and cuting etc.

Can I know the websites my employees visitied and internet usage by using your software?

By using our imonitor software,you can master what your employees are doing easily.Imonitor EAM can record visited websites, downloads , accessed URL etc.

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