If I do a mass update,is it going to restart all the computers automatically?

iMonitor: Hello, How may I help you?

Customer: Hi,if I do a mass update, is it going to restart all the monitored computers automatically?

iMonitor: Mass update? remotely?

Customer: Through the remote installatiton.There is a button "Mass Update".

iMonitor: Sorry,but I am not very clear about your "Mass update".

Customer: On the install/Uninstall Agent on Remote monitored Computer in LAN box there is an option called "Mass Update" to update all the agent i'm guessing.

iMonitor: Oh,this option just allows you to update the user name and password.

Customer: Ahhhhh Ok ,just wanted to make sure before I used it.

iMonitor: It's ok.

Customer: Thanks for your time.

iMonitor: You're welcome.

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