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July 31. 2009

Undetectable File Monitoring Software

Employee monitoring softwareIMonitor EAM is the latest in network file monitoring security software and asset protection software. You do not have to use the users' computer to install the client part on their computers, and you can centrally monitor and record every single file action that occurs on your network. Every file creation, modification, and deletion is recorded along with the user that performed the action.

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Not only can IMonitor EAM log every file event that occurs on your network, but it can also protect your sensitive data and assets by saving copies of specified files whenever they are modified, as well as alerting you whenever a user changes or deletes any critical files on your network.

File Monitoring and Logging

Are you concerned if sensitive data and assets on your network are being tampered without your presence? Is is possible that network users are leaking information from your network to someone outside? or perhaps they are doing some inappropriate action such as downloading media files on work time and not staying on work.

IMonitor EAM can log every file action on your network. Every file that is created, modified, or deleted by users will be logged. The full file path along with the user that performed the action, and at the time the action occurred is logged. IMonitor EAM can show you whether sensitive files are being modified, and it can show you everything a user downloads when they think no one is watching.

File Protection

If you have sensitive data on your network and a malicious user modifies it or deletes it - do you have a copy? Would you like to see a copy of every website users visit while they are supposed to be working? If you want to know, perhaps you need to track a large project directory and need to check file modifications.

IMonitor EAM can watch over all file events and prevent all confidential file from lossing. IMonitor EAM can retrieve those original file which has been edited or deleted to ensure data security.

File Alert Notifications

Do you have sensitive data that requires your attention in the event that it is modified by a user on your network?

Acting as a data watchdog, IMonitor EAM can passively watch every file event users perform on your network. When a specified file is removed, you can receive an alert instantly detailing the event that occurred so you can take action. You can block some malicious users' USB interface so they can not cut your file away.

IMonitor EAM records file operation:

  • Copy file: Some confidential file are not allowed to copy, once these file was copied, EAM will record it.
  • Paste file: When paste a file, EAM will record where you paste and what you paste.
  • Cut file: Even some employees want to cut some file away, EAM can also save them, then you will never loss file.
  • Copy file to USB stick: all file operations on USB stick or other removable device will be recorded.
  • USB stick notify: You will get a alert when a removable disk was inserted or removed from any computer in you network.
  • Send file: File sent can also be recorded. EAM even logs whom the file has been sent.
  • Delete file: Bad guys always make destruction. EAM can retrieve those file deleted.
  • Creat file: Any new file was created, EAM knows it.
  • Rename file: A file's name has been changed, EAM noticed that.

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