I'm going for a trip.Can i see my employees' activity logs while i come back?

iMonitor: Hello, How may I help you?

Customer: Hi,i need a software so that i can controll my employees in my company without their knowledge.I really need to see what happens in pcs of my network even from out of my LAN. I mean i need to access the PCs even from USA or Europe.My company is in Dubai UAE. Did you got it?

iMonitor: Yes.How many computers do you want to monitor?

Customer: 3-5.

iMonitor: OK, our cloud based Keylogger software will be the best solution for you.

Customer: How much does it cost and how does it work?

iMonitor: With it you can monitor all employee pc activities from anywhere.

Customer: Does the employee will see any notifications on the pc while i am monitoring the computer?Can you send me the link of the product?

iMonitor: The agent program will work in stealth mode.You can try it for 3 days, it's free.

Customer: Okay,how much for buying?

iMonitor: 69.95/99.95/1PC/1year.

Customer: So you says i can see what they are doing?

iMonitor: Yes,you can even see their desktop in real time.

Customer: And what about off time? I will explain the scenario i am going for a trip and can't see what they are doing,so what should i do while i come back?Will this soft get an history of works done and all?

iMonitor: No problem,all logs will be uploaded to your account, and you can check logs anytime.

Customer: Do the logs show screenshots or video?

iMonitor: sure.

Customer: Is it possible for me to try it in just one pc and watch it live online from anywhere?

iMonitor: Yes.

Customer: Do you have any discount?Does your program require antivirus or firewall exclusion?

iMonitor: 2 PCs 5% discounts, 3-5 10% discounts.You may add the agent folder "C:\Windows\system\sys\syscon" and the exe file "mssys.exe" into the exclusion list of your antivirus software firstly,then disable antivirus, install the agent program, and finally enable your antivirus again.For firewall, please do not block mssys.exe.

Customer: If i don't exclude,does it work well?I simply installed it now on my pc,so does it work okay or do i need reinstall again with the above mentioned steps?

iMonitor: If it worked OK, you do not need to reinstall, but maybe you should add it to the exclusion list.

Customer: So after installation, does it show any notification of running in the pc? Everytime when the pc starts, does it start with the pc or do i need to open the programm?

iMonitor: No notification, please do not worry about this.It will start automatically with windows startup.

Customer: Okay.where did this software coming from?

iMonitor: we are from US,and Keylogger Pro server is in US as well.

Customer: Ok,thank you.

iMonitor: You are welcome.

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