How to upgrade the imonitor version?

iMonitor: Hello, How may I help you?

Customer: Hi,I just bought and paid for eam standard version 8.52,and i meet some trouble.

iMonitor: What trouble?

Customer: I previously had version 7.7 installed.

iMonitor: Please install the full version 8.52.

Customer: I uninstalled version 7.7 and installed the full version 8.52, when i try to log on, gives me the error, failed to connect to imonitor server program.

iMonitor: Is the ip address correct?

Customer: Yes.

iMonitor: Is 'eamserver.exe' running on the server computer?

Customer: I think so, i can see it in my procecesses tab under task manager.How can i tell if the severvice is running? Or how can i re-start the service?

iMonitor: Just end it in task manager, then run it in the start menu.

Customer: I will try, give me a minute.

iMonitor: OK.

Customer: So i turned off my firewall, and windows security essentials, how can i restart eamserver.exe?

iMonitor: End it in windows task manager, then you can run it from windows start menu.

Customer: I did end it in task manager, but when i type eamserver.exe in the start menu, nothing comes up as eamserver.exe.where is it located on the hard drive?

iMonitor: The folder always is C:\program files\EAM standard.The server IP is correct? You can also check the ip address with "ipconfig" command.

Customer: Never mind, i found it and started the exe, now i get the error, license error the program will exit, please contact imonitorsoft.

iMonitor: For license error, please go to C:\eamdata, delte "imonconfig.ini",then restart EAM server program.

Customer: Okay,I did that,i can open the program and now asking for registration code and activation code.

iMonitor: Yes, please register it with your license code

Customer: I checked my emails, i don't think i received it yet.

iMonitor: I mean your old licnese code.

Customer: From version 7.7?

iMonitor: Yes.

Customer: I think i got it to work.I think it works on the win 7 machine, i am going to try it on a win 8 machine,thanks.

iMonitor: OK.

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