How can i have the proof that my client is playing a video for long time?

iMonitor: Hello, How may I help you?

Customer: Hi,I am very much impressed by the software and would like to know more about it before i purchase.

iMonitor: Have you installed the free trial version?

Customer: Yes.

iMonitor: OK,please tell me your question.

Customer: I would like to know what if I am having dynamic IP for my pc which is having server imonitor installed.

iMonitor: Sorry,the server MUST use static IP.

Customer: OK.And what about client?Is dynamic ip fine in client pc?

iMonitor: Client is OK with dynamic IP.

Customer: So i can recognise him with system name right?

iMonitor: Yes.

Customer: Will i get screen shots continuously?

iMonitor: Yes.

Customer: If i am playing some video in client machine and i lock that pc, will i get screen shots?

iMonitor: Yes, screenshots with video frame.

Customer: But, i tried and i am not getting the screen shots as i set it for 10 seconds.

iMonitor: What can you get?

Customer: I got only few.Where can i check the list of screenshots? I played 14 minutes video in client machine and tried to look for screenshots in server.

iMonitor: And?

Customer: I got only 4 or 5 screenshots.

iMonitor: It’s normal, because there is no mouse and keyboard input during that video time.

Customer: So,you mean to say that if there is only mouse movement there will be a capture,right?

iMonitor: Yes, mouse or keyboard input.

Customer: But how can i have the proof that my client is playing a video for long time?

iMonitor: You can wait for newer EAM versions.Or you can check the application time, I think the video window should have a caption when the video is playing.

Customer: OK.The client can tell that he closed the video immediately right.If i have continuous screen shots,i can say how much time he played the video。

iMonitor: You can check the time spent in application report。

Customer: Where exactly?

iMonitor: Report -> Application report

Customer: Under which tab is that?

iMonitor: Report tab.

Customer: I mean Home or Computer Logs or Remote Desktop?

iMonitor: You are using the standard version?

Customer: Yes.

iMonitor: No report tab.

Customer: So, I don't have this option here in this version?

iMonitor: Yes.

Customer: OK.Will the agents know that I am monitoring them?

iMonitor: No.

Customer: Do i have to install agent in client right ? Is that shown in clients program list?

iMonitor: No.

Customer: OK,fine.So client doesn't know anything.Thank you for the information.when is iMonitor going to launch new version?

iMonitor: After 1 or 2 months.

Customer: I mean to get continuous screenshots even when there is not mouse or keyboard movement.Is this feature included in the new version?

iMonitor: I will think about it,this feature is good.

Customer: OK.Thank you.

iMonitor: You are welcome.

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