Is this software installed on every computer?Or is it just on the server?

iMonitor: Hello, How may I help you?

Customer: Hi,is this software installed on every computer? Or is it just on the server?

iMonitor: You should install server program on server PC, and agent program on every pc you wanna monitor.

Customer: I see, and does it hog up the computer resources? and how much is it costing for all of this? and is it detectable?

iMonitor: It works in stealth mode. and use few cpu。

Customer: Okay,and how much is it?

iMonitor: For pricing info,please view the imonitor EAM pro :

Customer: 5 license is agent? and server one?

iMonitor: Standard Ver. Pricing: Yes,the price is for agent, with a free server license.

Customer: Okay and what is the difference between the standard and pro you just sent me?

iMonitor: The difference is on this page: have a look.

Customer: I see,and will you help with the installation remotely?

iMonitor: Yes, if you have any problem we can help you via remote tool.We recommend you check the installation manual firstly, it is easy.You can download installation manual on download page:

Customer: Where is the data stored?

iMonitor: Our software has its own database, all data will be stored on the server PC.Through the data you can remotely monitor what your empoyee is doing.

Customer: Oh i see.Alright,I will check on it,thank you.

iMonitor: You are welcome.

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