Will the imonitor EAM alert me if the keyword is in the body of a email?

iMonitor: Hello, How may I help you?

Customer: Hi,i need your help.

iMonitor: What's that?

Customer: The imonitor EAM software question: Will the Keyword Detector alert me if the keyword is in an Incoming Email or Incoming IM/SMS? I understand that the Keyword Detector alerts me if the user types it into an Outgoing Email or Outgoing IM/SMS,but what about the Incoming Email or IM/SMS?

iMonitor: If the email subject includes a keyword, it will alert you.

Customer: "subject" line only? Will it alert me if the keyword is in the body of the email? Does it apply to BOTH incoming and outgoing Emails,IM/SMS?

iMonitor: It applys to both incoming and outgoing IM, Email, and other logs like file name, window caption, print jobs...

Customer: Great.Is the data stored on your servers or my server on my LAN?

iMonitor: On your server.

Customer: Can keyword alert be triggered if the keyword appears on a website? I ask this because i want to be alerted if the keyword appears on chat board website (this is different from IM/SMS).

iMonitor: Yes, if the website title includes a keyword.Or web URL.

Customer: (website title or web URL...OK)But the keyword alert will Not be triggered if it is in the body of the website, correct?

iMonitor: Yes.Please wait for imonitor software new version.

Customer: OK,thank you.

iMonitor: You are welcome.

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