How many PCs can imonitor eam monitor at most?

iMonitor: Hello, How may I help you?

Customer: Hi.

iMonitor: What's your problem?

Customer: I am using imonitor EAM trial ver.It's only 2 users. Could you provide 10 or more users?

iMonitor: Sorry,we only provide a free imonitor software trial with 2 clients.

Customer: We're trying parallel inter guard.They also only have 2 users,but we request that they provide 10 users.

iMonitor: Imonitor eam can support more than 1000 clients, please don't worry about that.

Customer: I know this,but we want to try it in more than 5 departments so we can be sure whether the imonitor software is the best for us.

iMonitor: Maybe you can buy 10 users firstly.

Customer: OK,I will tell my boss about this.

iMonitor: OK.Wait for your good news.

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