Where is the monitored data stored? Is it safe?

iMonitor: Hello, How may I help you?

Customer: Hi,I am looking for employee monitoring soft,i have 120 network users.

iMonitor: You can try our imonitor eam pro.

Customer: Can you explain future?About security of the data?

iMonitor: All the data is stored on your server computer,the monitor PC ,it's very safe.

Customer: OK.Is it a network based installation?

iMonitor: Group policy, remote installation, and manually installation are all ok.

Customer: Great,can you provide the demo link for me?

iMonitor: You can download the 15 days imonitor soft trial version from our website.

Customer: How many agents in a trial ver?

iMonitor: 2.

Customer: OK,what is the best price for 120 users?

iMonitor: About 4000usd.

Customer: OK,we will use this trial and contact you again.

iMonitor: OK,please feel free to contact us.

Customer: Thanks.

iMonitor: you're welcome.

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