Why am I unable to login to my imonitor EAM standard server?

iMonitor: Hello, How may I help you?

Customer: Hello,I am unable to login to my imonitor eam standard server.

iMonitor: Is it trial version or full version?

Customer: Full version.

iMonitor: Please restart eamserver.exe,and check if there is a license error.

Customer: Yes, i just saw a license error.

iMonitor: Please goto C:\eamdata, delete imonconfig2.ini,then restart imonitor EAM server and register the software again.

Customer: I deleted the file but still getting the same license error.

iMonitor: Please delete the file, and restart eamserver.exe.

Customer: That is what i did.

iMonitor: And delete imonconfig.ini.Can you see this file?

Customer: Yes,i can. I will delete it as well.

iMonitor: OK.

Customer: I logged in,but it's telling me that i have 15 trial period.

iMonitor: Please register it again with your license code.

Customer: Would that be in an email?

iMonitor: Yes.

Customer: OK,I will look.

iMonitor: OK.

Customer: Thank you,it seems to be working, just lost a computer that was being monitored,but I will reinstall the imonitor agent.Thanks again.

iMonitor: OK.

Customer: Did i lose all my historical info? I cant back pedal on some stations prior to today.

iMonitor: All logs are there, the imonitor software does't delete logs automaticly.

Customer: OK,thanks again.

iMonitor: You are welcome.

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