Why can't i pull up the log files?

iMonitor: Hello, How may I help you?

Customer: Hi,I installed the software on a Server that is on a Active directory. I can connect to the Server program by using RDP, but when I try to pull up the log files I always get a message stating failed to connect to Server program.

iMonitor: What is the imonitor version number?

Customer: It's the one on your website 15 day trial period.

iMonitor: Please check your firewall settings.

Customer: I have allowed access on both Server and PC and still not connecting.

iMonitor: How about the server ip?

Customer: We are using a static IP address.

iMonitor: Can you see eamserver.exe on the server computer?

Customer: Yes.I can see it running in the task tray.

iMonitor: Please check the firewall, you can disable it to test.

Customer: I did.Ok I will try disabling it on the client side.

iMonitor: OK.

Customer: I Still can not connect even with the firewalls disabled on the server and client Pc.I can even see the alerts coming from the imonitored PC when they are doing work on their systems,but I can not pull up the logs.

iMonitor: Can you login now?

Customer: I am logged in.

iMonitor: Which log do you cannot see?

Customer: I cannot see any logs.I have installed ammyy admin program.Would you like to have your support staff take a look at our problme?

iMonitor: OK,let me check.Your ID please?

Customer: .......

iMonitor: Where is the server? It seems that imonlogcmd.exe was blocked by the firewall or antivirus.Please check it on the server computer.

Customer: OK.

iMonitor: You can go to server C:\program files\eam professional to check if imonlogcmd.exe is there or not.

Customer: OK.

iMonitor: It's an antivirus related issue.The latest imonitor software version is 8.3 now, you can download it from our website.It's OK now.

Customer: Yes.Sorry,but if we download the latest version will it affect the program?

iMonitor: You have to uninstall the old program.

Customer: OK, what do I have to do for the antivirus issue?

iMonitor: You have to add the imonitor EAM installation folder into the exclution list. For EAM Professional,the default folder always is "C:\Program Files\EAM Professional", and for imonitor EAM Standard ,the the default folder always is "C:\Program Files\EAM Standard".

Customer: OK, I will download it and work on the new software installation.

iMonitor: Hope you will do well, bye.

Customer: Thank you for your help I will show the owner it is working so we can purchase the software.

iMonitor: So glad to hear that.Have a good day.

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