Can i block USB port by using the imonitor software?

iMonitor: Hello, How may I help you?

Customer: Hi,can i block USB port by using your imonitor software?

iMonitor: Yes, you can block the usb Port.

Customer: Where can i get the options of blocking USB?

iMonitor: Have you installed imonitor soft free trial version?

Customer: Yes.

iMonitor: Just go to agent settings.

Customer: OK.Then there are 3 options,LOGS,screenshots,and agent alerft.

iMonitor: The standard version does not have this feature.

Customer: So which version has?

iMonitor: The imonitor pro version.You can download the free trial version.

Customer: OK.I will try it.

iMonitor: It has the USB block fuction.

Customer: OK,thank you.

iMonitor: It's ok.

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