Are there any limitations to the trial version of imonitor EAM?

iMonitor: Hello, How may I help you?

Customer: Hi,I'm just curious are there any limitations to the trial version of imonitor eam?

iMonitor: 15 days free trial.

Customer: I would like to see how it works on a employees workstation but dont want them to know.

iMonitor: Don't worry.The agent program works in stealth mode.

Customer: Even the trial?

iMonitor: Yes.

Customer: Ok,then after the trial period does it just stop working or does it popup on the employees workstation at all?

iMonitor: No window or message will pop up at all.

Customer: Ok,so how about the installation of the monitor software? How does that work? Is it installed on the target pc then installed on another to view what the target pc is doing?

iMonitor: You can download the Installation Manual.

Customer: OK,i appreciate your help. i think we will probably purchase the software if the trial goes smoothly.

iMonitor: OK, if you have any question, please tell us.

Customer: OK,thank you.

iMonitor: You're welcome.

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