Will we get ready support anytime when we run into difficulties? How does that work?

iMonitor: Hello, How may I help you?

Customer: Hi,i learnt of your imonitor software from a colleague of mine.It looks very robust and i want some few clarifications.

iMonitor: OK,no problem.

Customer: I work in Lagos Nigeria and in a firm of about 150 people.Can this software help monitor what my colleagues do during work hours?

iMonitor: Yes.

Customer: How much does it cost?

iMonitor: For 150 users?

Customer: Yes.

iMonitor: The price is about $5000. You can read this:

Customer: Is this price per computer or is it the cost of a license?

iMonitor: It's the total cost.

Customer: Can you provide me a breakdown please?

iMonitor: And the license is life time.

Customer: Great!

iMonitor: Please tell me more info about the breakdown.

Customer: What does the 5,000usd entail? I know the license is part of it.Does it include the maintenance? Does it also include support and installation?

iMonitor: 5,000usd is the total price for 150 users license, it means you can monitor 150 computers with the license,and yes, includes 1 year support and version upgrades.

Customer: OK,let's talk about the installation.How does that work please?

iMonitor: The installation is very simple, we will give you support if you have any problem.

Customer: OK,will all the 150 computers including the laptop be installed to?

iMonitor: Yes.

Customer: But how will it be done without my colleagues finding out that we are monitoring their activities?

iMonitor: The software works in stealth mode on the monitored computer.

Customer: OK, i see.If we increase to 200 eventually from 150, do we go for a license upgrade? Do we get ready support anytime when we run into difficulties? How does that work?

iMonitor: Yes, you need pay the license upgrade.And you will get support if you have any problem, email, live chat, and remote desktop support are all okay.

Customer: Great! How long does it take to recieve our license once we make payments?

iMonitor: If you pay with credit card, you will recieve your license as soon as you finished the order.

Customer: WOW,do we need to acquire a server for this operation? And the license you send will be online, is that?

iMonitor: Yes, the server can be any computer in your network,the license will be sent via email.

Customer: Great!

iMonitor: A server 2003/2008/2010 computer will be better than a windows 7/8/XP computer.

Customer: That's good.

iMonitor: I mean for server use.

Customer: what's the scenario for the next 3 years? Will we need to renew or buy a new license? Or does the license count how many times it had been installed on a computer and will stop once it gets to 150?

iMonitor: The license only count the total monitoed computers.

Customer: Total monitored computers as against total installed computers.

iMonitor: 10 license means you can monitor 10 computers at the same time.

Customer: OK,many thanks.So if i want to buy, what are my first steps?

iMonitor: Do you want to place the order?

Customer: I'm thinking about it.

iMonitor: We will send you an order link to buy our imonitor software.

Customer: OK.

iMonitor: You can handle the payment with a credit card, or wire transfer.

Customer: Sure.I'm really grateful for your time.Once i am set, i will come back to the chat.

iMonitor: OK.

Customer: Thanks.

iMonitor: You are welcome.

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