Why isn't my keywords log woking?

iMonitor: Hello, How may I help you?

Customer: Hi,i just downloaded your software and everything is working well except for the keywods logging.It recorded only the first 2 letters and then stopped.

iMonitor: It is strange, please restart the computer.

Customer: The server or the agent?

iMonitor: The agent.

Customer: I tried that but it didn't work.

iMonitor: Any antivirus on the computer?

Customer: No.The screenshot is working.Is there anyone i can contact? I spoke to you 2 days ago,i need to purchase for 10 users.

iMonitor: IMonitor EAM?

Customer: Yes.

iMonitor: Maybe you can reinstall the agent program,this issue is very strange.Can you see the file and clipboard logs?

Customer: Yes,i can see all the software he is running including clipboard.

iMonitor: Ok,please open windows task manager, end mssys.exe.

Customer: I even see an alert that he just printed something.I cannot do it nnow, he is beside the monitored computer right now.Can i do through the software? If absolutely necessary, i can have another employee to take him away from the computer.

iMonitor: Yes, please click Home:restart.

Customer: Distract him for 30 minutes.Restart the agent?

iMonitor: Yes.

Customer: OK,i did that.It said it will take 1 minute.

iMonitor: OK.Does it record keywords strokes now?

Customer: Let me check.How can i know whether it's connected back?

iMonitor: You can click remote desktop.

Customer: But if i do that,will they find it?

iMonitor: No,they will not know,it's in stealth mode.

Customer: They just restarted the computer,i told them we had some update and they restarted,so i can check again in 1 minute.

iMonitor: OK.You can check again if he clicked the keyboard.

Customer: The user has stepped away,the computer is on but not logged into windows.

iMonitor: Please log on.

Customer: OK,give me few seconds. Oh,it's working!

iMonitor: That' good.

Customer: Please contact me in couple days,maybe i have an order for you.

iMonitor: Ok,No problem.

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