Why am i unable to connect to the eam server?

iMonitor: Hello, How may I help you?

Customer: Hello,i am unable to login our monitor eam console.

iMonitor: Unable login?

Customer: Yes,we turned off the computer for the weekend.

iMonitor: Did you get any message?

Customer: It just says unable to connect to the eam server:"Failed to connect to IMonitor EAM server program!"

iMonitor: Is the server ip correct?

Customer: Yes.

iMonitor: Can you check the server computer?

Customer: I'm trying to log on the console via the imonitor server computer.And there is a very brief delay whenever i click login and when the error pops up.

iMonitor: Please go to the server computer, check if eamserver.exe is running.

Customer: Yes,it is.

iMonitor: Restart it please.

Customer: I have tried already and restarted multiple times.

iMonitor: Please give me your teamviewer id.

Customer: ......

iMonitor: OK.

Customer: Are you able to access? For some reason the ip changed and none of our agents are online.

iMonitor: Oh,You have to make the server IP static.

Customer: It was originally,do we have to readd all the agents?

iMonitor: OK, change the ip to, otherwise all the agent can not find the server.

Customer: But we are unable to login with that ip.

iMonitor: The server IP is now, so you can't login with have to resume firstly.

Customer: OK.Thank you.

iMonitor: You're welcome.

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