How can i calculate the difference between the PC's idle and run time. What do you suggest?

iMonitor: Hello, How may I help you?

Customer: Hi, Run time and Idle time displayed in report tab - When PCs are not shut down by user, you have to calculate by yourself the difference between idle and runtime. What do you suggest?

iMonitor: Do you have some good suggestions?

Customer: I was thinking of exporting the report to excel to recalculate effective time spent by user on his monitored PC.

iMonitor: But the current version does not have this feature.

Customer: Ok,when application report displays for example a game app.exe, the manager reacts by asking you immediately who's playing ? How do you get this info with EAM?

iMonitor: In real time?

Customer: No,just after editing application report summary, you want to know which user played the game?

iMonitor: Please go to Report Seeting, and add the exe file name to settings.

Customer: Ok.By the way, when editing this report on Console running on XP , I have plenty of debugging dialog boxes that I have to click before displaying the report. How to solve this?

iMonitor: What’s the IE version? You can install the latest IE Explorer.

Customer: IE7. Good and the last one : Report Tab - Network Traffic leads you to 0 report while all other buttons are ok.

iMonitor: Please upgrade the imonitor EAM software to version 8.51.

Customer: OK,i will.Thanks for your time.

iMonitor: Thanks for your suggestion.Have a nice day!

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