Why can't i get the client pc working?

iMonitor: Hello, How may I help you?

Customer: Hi,i have problems adding a pc to monitor,the server is on a win 7 pc and the client i want to monitor is on a win 8 pc,I'm using imonitor eam standard version 8.52. and i have installed the agent.exe locally on the win 8 pc.

iMonitor: And?

Customer: I still can't get the win 8 pc working.

iMonitor: Can you see mssys.exe in task manager on the win 8 machine?

Customer: I'm not in front of that pc right now,what else should i look for?

iMonitor: Firstly please check if you can ping the server from the win 8 machine, then please check the firewall and the antivirus.Windows start menu -> run -> cmd -> ping server ip address.

Customer: How do i ping the win 7 machine (server) from the win 8 machine (client)? I shut off the firewall and antivirus on the win 8 machine. Ok,i will try the ping, if the mssys.exe is not running, how do i start it?

iMonitor: If not, just reinstall it manually.

Customer: Give me five.

iMonitor: OK.

Customer: I can successfully ping the server from the client machine but when i try to find the mssys.exe on the win 8 machine ( clinet) i can't find it in the task manager and i don't know where it is on the hard drive to run the exe.

iMonitor: Did you install it with administrator?

Customer: Yes,i believe so, can't i intall remotely from the server?

iMonitor: Please try to install it manually.

Customer: OK, give me five, i will run as admin.

iMonitor: OK.

Customer: Great! I got it to work,i can monitor the computer now,thank you!

iMonitor: That'good.You're welcome.

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