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Install / uninstall iMonitor EAM

Install IMonitor EAM server and console on your computer

  • 1. Run EAMProTrial7.1.exe or EAMStdTrial7.1.exe
  • 2. Read the license agreement. If you accept the terms of agreement, click "I accept the agreement" and click Next.
  • 3. Select directory where you want to install IMonitor EAM and choose whether you want to create start menu group, to run application after installation process, or to put the IMonitor EAM shortcut on the desktop.
  • 4. Wait until program files are copied to the destination folder.
  • 5. Open IMonitor EAM from the Windows Start menu.


Uninstall IMonitor EAM server and console on your computer

  • 1. If you have installed IMonitor EAM Agent to any remote computer, please  Uninstall IMonitor EAM agent at first.
  • 2. Exit IMonitor EAM console and server program.
  • 3. Run Control Panel from Start menu.
  • 4 Click Add/Remove Programs icon.
  • 5. Select IMonitor EAM in the programs list and click Add/Remove button.
  • 6. Wait for the program files to be deleted.