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Install / uninstall iMonitor EAM Agent via Domain Group Policy

How to get the MSI installer file and MSI uninstaller file?

  • 1. If you have not builded the MSI files, Please click Home -> Install Agent ->Build MSI Installer File and Build MSI Uninstaller File.
  • 2. Please click Locate MSI Installer file. You will get 2 files, AgentInstall.msi and Uninstall.msi. Please use AgentInstall.msi to deploy EAM Agent via Group Policy and use Uninstall.msi to uninstall EAM Agent via Group Policy.

On Windows 7/8, the UAC option is enabled, and the program failed to build the installer files, what can I do?

You can disable the UAC option, restard Windows and build the installer file, you can also goto the EAM installation folder, and manually run 'AgentManager.exe' with administrator.