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Install / uninstall iMonitor EAM Agent manually

Install iMonitor EAM Agent manually

  • 1. Please add EAM Agent folder "C:\windows\system\sys\syscon" into the exclusion list of the antivirus.
  • 2. Disable antivirus.
  • 3. Click Home -> Install Agent -> Locate Agent Installer File, you will get the Agent installer file "AgentInstall.exe"..
  • 4. Go to the remote computer that you want to monitor.
  • 5. Make sure, that computer is connected to network and TCP/IP protocol is installed properly.
  • 6. Transfer "AgentInstall.exe" to the computer and run it.
  • 7. Read the license agreement. If you accept the terms of agreement, click "I accept the agreement".
  • 8. Type server computer's IP address or computer name, server computer is the computer that IMonitor EAM server program installed.
  • 9. Install the Agent program.
  • 10. Enable antivirus.
  • NOTE: When the installation was finished, please click Home -> Refreh to update the computer list.


Uninstall iMonitor EAM Agent manually

Just run the Agent installer file ""AgentInstall.exe" on the computer, and input EAM admin password to uninstall it.