IMonitor File Access Monitor

Files Access and Operation Monitor Software, the best Office Sensitivel Documents Prevent Leaking Software for Business!

Information Leaking Prevention

With increasing frequency and severity, businesses are becoming victims of high-profile leaks that started with a simple click of the SEND button, an innocuous Instant Messaging conversation or copy to mobile storage device etc. According latest BBC study report showing, between 70 - 90% of company information is stored in electronic format and around 65% of this is held in the document files like Microsoft Word, Excel and PDF format. All these will be easy to duplicate to any other portable device or sent via email by insiders and outsiders with illicit purposes and leak to public or competitive opponent.

For most businesses, losing customer lists isn't their only risk. Intellectual property, merger and acquisition plans, product launch dates, distribution strategies, and other confidential information pertinent to the day-to-day business must remain secure in order to sustain a competitive advantage. When there is a leak, the business faces not only daunting monetary costs, but also a loss to brand and reputation, regulatory penalties, and setbacks to business operations and continuity. To mitigate the risk of information leaks, organizations must have an Information Leak Prevention solution in place.

IMonitor File Access Monitor is the leading Information Leak Prevention solution designed to protect a broad range of confidential data and intellectual property, and enforce and report on regulatory compliance.

File monitoring, directory monitoring and folder monitoring can all be performed quickly & easily with IMonitor File Access Monitor. It allows you to watch for changes made to both local and remote files, any activitiy including files copy, rename, delete, move monitoring, directory changes & structure modifications as well as entries written to local Event Logs and log files.

You can also monitor & record user access information, giving you information on who accessed files & when. If changes are detected, the File Monitoring components can either take automatic action, alert you before end-users are affected, or both.

Below are the main features of IMonitor File Access Monitor,

  • Real-time monitor activities of Files & Directories, allows you to monitor activity on the file system including file copy, move and deletions.
  • Respond to errors with automatic responses
  • Log alerts and files activities to a file
  • Centrally manage all your monitors, configuration options, reports & alerts with the Client Console

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Fully compatible with Windows 2000 /XP /2003 Server /Vista /7

Window7 Certification vista Certification windowXP Certification

IMonitor IMonitor File Access Monitor (Single License $59.95)

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