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Computer and internet filtering software filters unwanted website and internet content.

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Surveillance softwareIMonitor EAM is an surveillance software for real time network computer monitoring and internet filting, and for employees' online activity tracking. Employee Activity Monitor allows you invisibly monitor your entire network from one contralized position, such as email, instant message, keystrokes, print Jobs, FTP file transfer, websites visited, applications used.

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Internet filtering software can stop Internet threats - controlling and monitoring the Internet traffic going across your network, both ways. Finding an appropriate Internet filtering software has difficulties of its own. Hardware Internet filters are notoriously hard to configure accurately. While Internet filtering software solutions such as a school Internet filter, are generally easier to use. Besides, Internet filtering software is so powerful that it can meet all your need as long as you can imagine.

Internet filtering software will spare you spam, porn, viruses, spyware and other undesirable content on your personal computer. Our Internet filtering software filtered Internet service which is not just another ISP! If you are using another security suite like Norton, McAfee or Parental Controls, there are some big differences in how you and your family are protected.

If you are concerned that your computer's Internet safety isn't good enough, you need an Internet content filtering software that helps protect your computer. Online protection from Internet filtering software means more security and less worry about having your family values compromised by the Internet.

Internet filtering software - EAM protects your entire family from malicious sites and purify internet environment completely! Improve Internet safety and accountability for your family while they are online. All family members, children, teens and adults are vulnerable when surfing the Internet.

Our Internet filtering software - EAM will improve safety for your family, providing a safer experience online. Pornography, gambling and Internet affairs are not harmless activities, they are destructive and these materials will find you even if you are not looking for them! We take Internet protection seriously, which is why we've created the best in Internet filtering software. Please don't be fooled by some useless softwares and other weak filters that only pay lip service to family protection! EAM cares about you!

Internet filtering software - EAM is good for family, coporration and especially school.

Internet filtering software - EAM is an ideal school Internet filter solution, because it centralizes management of multiple computers in a single configuration on the sever. Additionally it can provide a district-wide school Internet filter through the single program EAM by installing the client setup into all the computers in the district. More importantly, a school Internet filter is configured by setting categories of allowed or denied sites to different user profiles or user groups. Because Internet filtering software - EAM supports different types of users. This adaptability is a positive advantage for library Internet filter and school Internet filter solutions, since children can be blocked from adult sites, while adults can still access them.

Internet filtering software filters all unwanted content on internet including website and inappropriate words. These unwanted contents are drugs, Tasteless/Gross, Profanity, Porn Site, Adults Only, Sex, Nudity, Swimsuits, Lingerie, Chat, Personals, Alcohol, Tobacco, Gambling, Illegal, Violence, Suicide / Murder, Free Page Websites.


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