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EAM Standard(Employee Activity Monitor) Features And Screenshots

IMonitor EAM is the best all-in-one computer monitoring software and internet monitoring software for business.

computer and internet monitoring software

Produtct Features
Screenshots and Detail
Centralized managing module
Stores log in centralized database
Works in stealth mode
Records typed keystrokes
Records MSN, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ and AIM
Records Tencent QQ/TM
Records application ran
Records outgoing E-mail(SMTP)
Records incoming E-mail(POP3)
Records webmail(Yahoo, Hotmail)
Records website accessed
Records search phrase
Records FTP, HTTP file transfer
Records File log
Records clipboard log
Records removable disk usage
Records document printed
Monitor printer with unique IP
Records desktop image
Remote desktop viewer
Capture screenshots
Recognize hardware and software
Control remote computer's mouse and keyboard

Awards for our outstanding software products:

awards for monitoring software, spy software, keylogger