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IMonitor EAM is an Employee Tracking software for real time network computer monitoring and content filting, and for employees' work time tracking. Employee Activity Monitor allows you invisibly monitor your entire network from one contralized position, such as email, instant message, keystrokes, print Jobs, FTP file transfer, websites visited, applications used.

IMonitor EAM is the best and all-in-one employee tracking solution for corporate, it can record every computer and internet activitiy you ever think of.

Want your business company more efficient and productive? That is all high managed level of company considered. Employee tracking is necessary to make a business fast growing and successful. Being managers of company, do you notice what your employee is doing during working time? Chatting with friends by using instant message or surfing some website which not relevant with business, all that is so horrible and extremely harm your company. Employee tracking also helps the managers to decide who would be rewarded by knowing what his/her good or bad. Wise managers should understand how important employee tracking for company and look for some software dealing such case. So identifying what employee monitoring tools is necessary to ensure the company succeeds in the long term run. And the point always being confused is which employee tracking software is best suitable? Now IMonitor EAM would answer this question and clear your troubles.

What benefits by using IMonitor EAM?

Tracking employee daily computer usage and ask those employees who are wasting time on personal use back into work immediately. EAM is a superb workplace tracking tool to monitor computer use! Find out who is the most productive employee, and who are the busy or lazy employees in your company. Implement remote employee monitoring and be able to monitor employees when you are out of office. Estimate every employee efficient working time, calculate and analyze accurate cost of project

The reasons to use IMonitor EAM?

There are so many reasons to adopt IMonitor EAM in your company, but below are the three key factors which you should consider,

Full Computer Activities Tracking For employers good, when you are looking for some computer tracking software, do you have any idea about what computer activities it can track? As PC tracking software for business, only monitoring email and website visited are really not enough! YES, you need a computer tracking software that will record all of that activity. But unfortunately the fact is currently most tracking software for computers only have one or two tracking abilities. Being the best PC tracking software in the world, IMonitor EAM can record every activity which employees have done on the PC. After the software is installed on the server and workstations individually, it will automatically begin to track everything that is done on the workstations (emails, chats, instant messages, keystrokes, etc...). All of the recorded logs are being uploaded to the server once any activity has been done with the workstations, which mean all the computer tracking processes are in Real Time.

Real-Time Internet Tracking It is true fact, without internet tracking software installed on the computers which your employees are using, you are losing money every day, even worse, and you are keeping your company secrets in the front of the public and your competitors. It is no wonder that most employees surf the pornographic web sites, financial web sites, shopping sites, and chat sites more than one hour spent during the working time. Imagining that if employees are looking at porn or shopping for a new pair of shoes, wouldn’t it be fair to say that productivity is not maximized in regards to Internet activity? Currently like so many business consultants said, the greatest threats to business computers are not from HACKERS any more, but from its own employees. However by implementing Internet tracking software on your company workstations, you are no longer in a vulnerable position. When you have a proactive web tracking environment, you will finally have the advantage of knowing what websites your employees have visited and how much time they have spent on. And stop ANY kind of inappropriate behavior before it gets out of hand. Comparing to other web tracking software, IMonitor EAM also has web time tracking function, which means IMonitor EAM not only can monitor what website have been visited, but also can count how much time employees have spent on each website. According of web time tracking function, it is easy to justify if your employees have put their effort on the works or not. Hard worker or tricky worker, you don’t guess any more, since you have already got physical proofs.

Employee Time Tracking On Applications Employee time tracking system is more important to business, which means PC tracking software can record the passing time your employee has spent on applications or websites and find out if employees have put the their time on the right way. A professional time tracking software for employee like IMonitor EAM is better designed to allow you accurately record each applications time spent and generate detailed reports with a comprehensive graphic chart. In another hand, employee time tracking is better for workflow management or project management. For example, you can monitor which task took too much time, which employees were efficient in completing a specific task and other specific data that you can analyze and make appropriate corrections in workflow management. Since there is solid report, you can accurately plan your future projects in a better manner by assigning efficient hands for specific tasks. So tracking time on the application employee spent on is giving you much clear mind to understand how well your employees are going and flexible ability to better manage your current or future working project.


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