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Since the year of 2002, coming with EAM Security Series born, IMonitor Security Company stepped into the field of security softwares. After improving EAM Products and adopting customers useful suggestions.

IMonitor Security Company has been from being nobody to well known in this field, for now IMonitor Security Company has developed three series of products, business, home and remote. And according to the difference of three series, IMonitor Security Company also divided into three research and support teams. More professional and qualified customers service, all that is IMonitor Security Company chasing for.


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EAM Professional and Standard Edition which are flagship products for centralized employee monitoring, offers a high level view of the ongoing activities of employees when PCs and printers being used. EAM Business Products provide customers a easy way to inspect the activities across business network with clear graphical charts.

EAM Business Products key features include nearly all PC activities like Email, Chat/IM, Web Surfing, Online Searches, Keystrokes and Programs used etc. EAM Business Products also includes self-developed screen snapshot recording. With EAM Business Products customers can generate high-quality management reports which would be easy to print and email.

EAM Business Products is designed for business, education and government users running a Windows based network.

Power Keyloggyer is a outstanding and popular program, it also can be named EAM Home Edition. Power Keloggyer would fully record URLs visited in browser, keystrokes in any program, chat conversations, received and sent email in definitely stealth mode. Also Power Keyloggyer provides customers function of capturing screenshots of the desktop.

With Power Keyloggyer easy to use interface and functions, customers would inspect logs or send logs to pre-configed email address in a few clicks. Advanced options are available to view and analyze data in convenient formats for better understanding of user activities on customer computer. Customers can view a log file in catelog that show separately used programs, Internet history, emails, chats and other activity.

Power Keyloggyer is a superb spyware solution for the effective parental control. Protect your children from online threads. Know exactly what they do online.