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iMonitor KeyLogger for Mac OS X - best Mac OS X keylogger software

the best Mac Keylogger Software

iMonitor Mac Keylogger is so far the first and the only Keylogger for Mac that Records Passwords

    iMonitor Keylogger for Mac – Powerful keylogger for MAC OS X that secretly logs Passwords, Chats, Screenshots, Websites. Apple Mac keylogger that sends keystroke logs to you by email or FTP
    The only Keylogger for Mac OS X which can Record Passwords
  • Stealthy and >undetectable monitoring and recording
  • Record Passwords (Professional Edition only)
  • Keystroke logging in any application, Website recording
  • Screenshot & capturing in the interval you set
  • Email logging, receive logs by Email
  • FTP support, option to upload logs to FTP
  • No need admin password to install(Standard Edition only)

iMonitor Mac Keylogger for Mac OS X is the best Mac keystroke logger for Mac OS X Tiger, Leopard and Snowleopard

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Features of Mac Keylogger

iMonitor Mac OS X Keylogger Computer Monitoring Computer Monitoring for Mac OS X
The Keylogger for Mac can record keystrokes typed, websites visited, chats and email messages sent by users on your Mac OS X. You can use it as the computer monitoring software on your Mac when you are away.
iMonitor Mac OS X Keylogger Employee Monitoring Employee Monitoring on Mac Computer
Are they playing games, or actually working? With iMonitor Keylogger for Mac, you can keep track of what employees are doing during business hours to protect your company secrets from leaking.
iMonitor Mac OS X Keylogger Spouse Monitoring Spouse Monitoring on Mac Machine
Suspect of your spouse cheating on you? Why he/she cleans the chat logs and history in the computer? Keep tabs on your spouse’s suspicious behavior. Now with the Mac Keystroke Logger Spy software – iMonitor Mac OS X Keylogger for Mac, you can know the truth.
iMonitor Mac OS X Keylogger Parental Control Parental Control on Mac
Have you ever encountered that your kids spend all days on the Internet but you have no clue what they are doing, who they are talking to, what websites they are visiting? With the Mac Keylogger, you can know everything and protect your kids from bad content.
iMonitor Mac OS X Keylogger stolen Mac Use Mac keylogger to get back a stolen Mac
Security is a big problem to us nowadays. If your mac laptop with important docs got stolen, it would be a great loss. But with iMonitor mac keylogger installed, you have a chance to get your stolen Mac back. iMonitor mac keylogger runs secretly and sends you the keystrokes and screenshots which will give you a clue to catch the thief.
iMonitor Mac OS X Keylogger for Mac Keystroke Logger for Mac
Log each and every keystroke a user types while using your Mac. Including emails and chats. This keylogger for Mac can also work as a text backup software for mac, so you don’t need to worry about what you typed are lost when power off of system crash.

What can you do with iMonitor Mac Keylogger for Mac OS X?

iMonitor Mac Keylogger Professional is so powerful that it records any keystrokes (Passwords) on any applications, browsers, games. You can download the trial standard edition from our website but you will only get the normal keystrokes recorded excluding passwords. We tested the keylogger for mac with nearly all the applications on Mac OS X including some popular third-party applications such as Windows Live for Mac, Firefox, facebook, AIM, Adium, World of Warcraft Mac edition and many more. The mac keylogger records all the keystrokes include passwords typed.

Key Features of iMonitor Mac Keylogger for Mac OS X

  • Stealth and undetectable Monitoring
  • Record all keystrokes typed on any applications
  • Record website visits from Safari and Firefox
  • Record Skype, Facebook, iChat, Adium, MSN, AIM chat logs (both sides)
  • Record desktop screenshots in a preset interval
  • Secretly send the logs to your email or FTP space
  • Password protected of the program
  • No need admin password to install(Standard Edition only) Record Passwords (Professional Edition only)
  • Easy to Use

System Requirements for iMonitor Keylogger Mac

Platform: Mac OS/X Tiger 10.4.x, Leopard 10.5.x, Snow Leopard 10.6.x
Support: Free Lifetime Upgrades: Free Delivery: Instant download

Instant download free trial is available

Free trial Keylogger for Mac os x – the only invisible Mac keylogger with Password Recording, email and FTP support, Stealth Keylogger Mac os x – Mac keylogger

FAQs of iMonitor Mac OS X Keylogger for Mac

iMonitor Mac Keylogger is the only Keylogger for Mac which supports Apple Snow Leopard Mac OS X 10.6.x. The keylogger Professional edition is featured as the first and only keylogger Mac Software that records Passwords.

1. Q: Can I install iMonitor Mac OS X Keylogger for Mac on more than one Mac machine?
A: Yes, you can install iMonitor Mac OS X keylogger for Mac on any Mac machine according to the license you purchased.

2. Q: Will this Mac Keylogger only work with a mac w/Intel chip or does it operate on normal iMac with Mac Operating System (laptop)? A: The software works on both mac w/intel chip and normal iMac with Mac Operating System (laptop)

3. Q: Can the data recorded be sent via email to a pc even though original info is from a an iMac?
A: Yes. The data recorded can be sent to a PC via email, and you can view the logs on your PC even though original info is from an iMac.

4. Q: What can I get if I purchase iMonitor Mac OS X Keylogger for Mac?
A: After purchase, you get the software, free technical support and free lifetime updates!

5. Q: Is my order secure?
A: Yes, of course! We use the world’s famous online Payment system. It is a 100% secure and hacker-safe platform.

6. Q: What’s your Refund Policy?
A: Before you purchase iMonitor Mac Keylogger, please take the FREE TRIAL to make sure it works for you.

Awards for iMonitor Mac Keylogger

iMonitor Mac Keylogger is awarded by Softpedia as 100% Clean Keylogger for Mac. It doesn’t contain any spyware or adware. iMonitor Mac Keylogger was tested by many experts and won tons of awards. Here are some awards for the keylogger Mac Software:

Keylogger mac Sofpedia Award Keylogger Mac Best Software 4 Download   Keylogger Mac award

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