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Power Keylogger - Parental Control Software

Monitor and limit kids' computer internet activities - parental control software

parental control softwarePower Keylogger For Home is a well designed and all-in-one parental control software. Monitor what your kids did on the computer while you are away, and send collected logs to a pre-set email address.

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Record everything they do on the pc and internet

  • Power Keylogger is more powerful which can track children's internet activity such as email, MSN (Windows Live Messenger) ,ICQ, AOL, Yahoo Messenger and so on.It can record everything that has been typed invisibly. Power Keylogger helps to retrieve previously entered passwords from computer.
  • Power Keylogger records the time each activity occurred.
  • Power Keylogger records all the URLs the user surfed to and even the sites titles.
  • Power Keylogger takes visual pictures (screenshots) of your computer to complete the surveillance, just like you installed an automatic surveillance camera.

Limit children's computer and internet usage

  • Block harmful websites like adult website, gaming website.
  • Block and filter Instant Messages with a pre-set keywords list, keep your kids away from bad guys.
  • Take full control of all installed applications, block any of them.

Work in stealth mode

Power Keylogger is a powerful tool more than you can imagine. After you install it, it is able to run invisibly and listen to all the activities that take place in the computer. As soon as your computer start up, Power Keylogger begin to record all the keystrokes that were typed in the different software such as the email client, the Internet Explorer, Chats and immediate messages clients, Word, Excel etc.

Send logs to a pre-set Email addrss

Power Keylogger is able to send you the saved logs files by email to your email account at a chosen interval, so you will be able to view the logs even when you are at work.

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