Awards winning corporate monitoring software

IMonitor EAM Professional Edition (From 5 PCs $499.95 to buy)

Employee activity monitor, the best corporate monitoring software

Features and screenshots

Employee monitoring softwareThe world's most powerful employee monitoring software for corporate, monitor all network computers from one centralized position.

With EAM Professioanl Edition you can monitor all employees' computer and internet activities on the server computer or just your laptop. It can record and upload all collected logs to centraliaze database and provide more than 50 detailed reports to help you to answer you question like:

  • Who always paly games and do other non-work related things and how much time they spent.
  • Who always use USB stick to copy company technical document or confidential data.
  • Who plan to leave one's post and want to take business secret away to exchange a better job.
  • Who spent gobs time to watch online video, listen music, chat with friends, process personal Emails, browse news website and so on in work time.
  • Who use printer to print confidential data or wast large numbers of paper and ink to print personal documents or photos.

EAM professioan edition is our flagship software product, It's the world's best and complete employee monitoring and managing solution.

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IMonitor EAM Standard Edition (From 3 PCs $199.95 to buy)

Employee activity monitor, the best employee monitoring software

Features and screenshots

Employee monitoring softwareDo you want to monitor and limit your employees' computer and internet activities? Do you want to increase employees' productivity? Ever dreamed of a software tool to help you to do this job easily?

IMonitor EAM standard edition is best choice for you, it can record each employee's computer and internet activities, such as website visited, email sent and received, webmail sent, file operations, USB stick usage, document printed, chat conversations of MSN, yahoo messenger, ICQ, AIM, FTP file transfer. and it can store the logs into databse to help you to trace and analyse each employee's activities in worktime, so you can find who is lazy, who is the worst, who is the best, who get a high salary but offer poor efficiency.

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Print Job Monitor($69.95 to buy)

The reliable printer monitoring software , monitor all network printers in your office with one server

Print job monitorPrint Job Monitor is a well designed software that allows you to audit and log all print jobs, analyse and monitor all network printers from one centralized location. This software can be used by anyone at home, school and office for their own requirements and purposes. Do you lack control of your employee's printing activities? do you want to know how many papers was wasted by your employees who print personal documents? do you want to get a software to protect confidential documents of your business? Print Job Monitor is the best print job monitor software you ever dreamed.

Print Job Monitor allows you to see real time printer's printing status and log all job informations such as printer name, document name, computer name, user name, pages printed, paper size, etc. It also can save the print job informations into centralized database to allow you to analyse and track printer's usage later.

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Power Spy For Office($79.95 to buy)

The reliable spy software and monitoring software for small office

Spy software for small officeIt can secretly log all document and file used, all clipboard data, and it can secretly log all removable disk added, removed, files/folders copied, modified, renamed, deleted activity.

Power Spy For Office is a well designed and all-in-one spy software for home and office use. Monitor how your computer has been used while you are away. Power Spy software Works in stealth mode, silently and smoothly. It can secretly record user's all computer activities and internet activities, such as email, instant message (MSN, ICQ, AOL and Yahoo Messenger), keystrokes, screenshots, websites visited, searching keywords,  file or program downloaded, applications used, etc.It also can block unwanted or harmful websites, filter searching keywords, block chat conversations from unwanted people. Additionally it can Send logging reports in text format to a pre-set email box.

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