Technical FAQ

Q: When I started EAM server I had an alert message Licence programm error.

A: For license error, please fix with the following steps.
1. Goto EAM server computer, exit EAM server program.
2. Open C:EAMDATA, delete imonconfig.ini and imonconfig2.ini.
3. Restart EAM server program.
4. Login EAM, and register the software again.

Q: How to back up database?

A: Please open disk C -> EAMDATA(this is a hidden folder). You will find a "db" folder inside. Copy "db" to another computer, install iMonitor EAM on this computer, open iMonitor EAM console, click Home -> DB settings, change the Database directory into the directory of copied "db" folder, then you will be able to view the backed up logs.

Q: Does IMonitor EAM work correct with VPN?

A: Yes, IMonitor EAM can work correct with VPN network.

Q: Can IMonitor EAM monitor client computers from the internet?

A: Yes, If your EAM server computer use static internet IP address, it will be very easy, you only need to input the server ip address while installing the agent program. If you do not have a static internet ip address and you want to monitor computers on the internet (for example oversea client computers), you can setup DDNS and register a free domain to deploy IMonitor EAM server on the internet.
DDNS setup guide
NO-IP Settings
1. The EAM server MUST use static IP address, like "".
2. Create an NO-IP account, you will be able to get a NO-IP domain name.
3. Download NO-IP Windows client program, install it on your EAM server computer, it will update your ip address to your NO-IP domain name.
4. Login Router control pane, fowarding Ports 25790-25810(TCP and UDP) to your local EAM server IP address(like 192.168. 1.100).
5. Install iMonitor EAM.
6. Install EAM agent, please note you have to input the NO-IP domain name for the agent, not the local server ip address.
7. Please make sure that EAM agent and the server program are not blocked by the firewall.

Q: Does your IMonitorSoft read our computer activity logs? What about privacy?

A: No. All captured logs are saved in centralized database on your server computer;imonitor software; won't send anything to us. Please refer to our privacy policy for additional details.

Q: Does IMonitor EAM store logs in centralized database on server computer? How to change database directory?

A: Yes, IMonitor EAM is not like other monitoring software, it stores important logs on centralized database on server computer, such as keystrokes, mail logs, file logs, clipboard logs, website logs, ftp logs, print job logs, instant message, etc. The Agent Program uploads collected logs to server computer AUTOMATICALLY at interval of X minutes you specified. It stores logs in centralized database on disk C: of server computer acquiescently, if you want to change the directory please click Settings Others Set Database Directory.

Q: What should I do when I attempting to check logs it always says trying to connect and then unable?

A: If you have not installed the agent program onto the remote computer, please install Agent at first. If agent program has been installed on the remote computer and if the remote computer is protected by firewall,please check the firewall setting. On remote computer(the computer you want to monitor)the ports TCP 4802, TCP 4911, UDP 4801 and UDP 4822 must be enabled on the clients and ports UDP 38967 to 38983 and UDP 48967 are open on the server. Please check whether IMonitorSrv.exe or;IMonitorMng.exe; or;FileRec,exe or;IMonLogCmd.exe, or RDesk.exe; or ScreenViewer.exe was blocked by firewall.

Q: How to set a correct log synchronization time interval?

A: It's based on your licenses size, we recommend, 3 - 12 licenses: 5 Minutes, 13 - 30 licenses: 10 Minutes, 31 - 200 licenses: 30 Minutes, 200+ licenses: 60 Minutes. The default time interval is 1 minute, please change it to a right value.

Q: I tried to reinstall IMonitor EAM Agent, but I cannot do it because of sharing violation error messages.

A: It means that IMonitor EAM Agent is running now. Try to uninstall it first, restart computer and then run installation again.

Q: Anti-spyware or Antivirus software prevents me from installing IMonitor EAM Agent. Or it disables my monitoring software.

A: If you are knowingly installing IMonitor EAM, IMonitor EAM Agent software on and you own this computer or have owner's authorization, you may easily disable warnings in Anti-spyware. So monitored users will not be able to detect presence of monitoring software.

Q: Why can't get any key and accessed website logs when login in computer using standard user account?

A: Since being Standard Users, Window OS set some policies for Standard Users which limit the process of IMonitor EAM. Below is the solution for this, please click here.

Q: No Web address and URL logs, but Web title logs is fine, what can I do with this?

A: Please follow below instructions,
1,Select these clients ( you can select muti agent at one time ) .
2, Please open EAM console, and click 'Send Command' button in the Remote desktop tab.
3,When 'Send command to remote computer' window pop up, please copy below text without quote into the field of ' Run Command ' .
' C:\winnt\system32\drivers\imonagent\install_lsp.exe -a -d C:\winnt\system32\drivers\imonagent\netconfig.dll ' ( for window 2000, 2003)
' C:\windows\system32\drivers\imonagent\install_lsp.exe -a -d C:\windows\system32\drivers\imonagent\netconfig.dll ' ( for window xp, vista and 7)
4,Click ' Run ' button. And one cmd window will show up on the window 2000 client pc.
5, When command operates complete on the client pc, please restart the client pc.

Q: How to install EAM software on third party antivirus and firewall software already existed?

A: Please before installing EAM software, turn off your antivirus and firewall software firstly! After install done and test done, if everyting is working properly, please put our client program in the exception list of antivirus software, and also please make sure these ports TCP 4802, TCP 4911, UDP 4801 and UDP 4822 be open on the clients and ports UDP 38967 to 38983 and UDP 48967 are open on the server. Please check whether IMonitorSrv.exe or;IMonitorMng.exe; or;FileRec,exe or;IMonLogCmd.exe, or RDesk.exe; or ScreenViewer.exe was blocked by firewall. Please read and follow carefully this, ANY EAM ISSUE INVOLVED ANITVIRUS AND FIREWALL SOFTWARE, WE WILL NOT TAKE ANY RESPONSOBILITY AND REFUND ORDER.

Q: What are requirements for EAM server computer? Any extra software or hardware needed?

A: EAM monitoring software is working properly with all Window OS including latest Window 7, no matter 32 bit or 64 bit. Since our EAM software adopt database which is designed and developed by ourself, no need other database be installed. And haredware requirements are much simple, see below,
Intel or AMD CPU 500MHz above
Memory 1G above
500 Mb free space
10M Ethernet card

Q: Why my remote desktop viewer function isn't working, but other function like keylogger, chat logs and web logs are fine?

A: If only remote desktop viewer isn't working, please firstly disable your antivirus software, and then check below ports UDP 38967 to 38983 and UDP 48967 are open on the server. Also please make sure RDesk.exe and ScreenViewer.exe are not being blocked in your firewall.

Q: What default user name and password for EAM and Power keylogger?

A: Default username and password for eam are admin and 000, you can find these info when you open EAM console. And Power keylogger default user name is admin, password is empty.

Q: Can I use EAM software monitor mutiple user accounts with individual setting? And if EAM porviding mutiple monitor screen support?

A: At now EAM support mutiple user accounts activities recorded and also perfectly working with mutiple monitor screen. But currently not support individual setting for each user account.

Q: Can I install or move EAM software to another computer server or client, these computers are all in same business company?

A: Sure, you can. For any same business company using our EAM software, you can install or move to another computer server or client without needing buy extra license. However you must make sure current numbers of clients and server is matched with the numbers of license you have bought.

Q: Can I install EAM client program remotely on all clients at one time?

A: YES, our EAM support remote install, firstly choose the client pc you want to install in EAM console, and then click ‘Agent’ tab --> ‘Install’, after install window pop up, please input the IP address of your client and user name and password. Since you need the admin user name and password, you only can use remote install on client one by one.

Q: Can I monitor client pc without in the office network, for example monitoring at home via internet?

A: Currently EAM software is designed for business office network, so it doesn't support monitoring clients without in the same network. However EAM Professional provide logs sent to email function which means EAM will send monitoring logs to user's pre-setting email address. And users can view all logs of client pc at anywhere via internet connection.

Q: Does EAM software support VPN network?

A: EAM software is proved working perfectly over VPN network.

Q: How can I let Window 2003/2008 server monitor standard users in the domain network?

A: Since standard user in the domain has no right to write files, EAM client program can't generate logs files with standard user at the folder C:\Documents and Setting\All users\IMEAM. Below is the solution to only change EAM folder permission which will let EAM work fine with standard user. Please follow instructions carefully,
1. Login with Admin user on the client pc.
2. Install EAM client . If you have already installed, please skip this step.
3.After install done, find the folder C:\Documents and Setting\All users\IMEAM, PS. this folder is hidden one.
4. Right click this folder, and choose 'Securiy' tab, at here select 'User' and set this folder being 'full control'.
5. Log off admin and then log in with standard user.

Q: Can I let EAM client program always run with admin privilege, even under standard user account?

A: Yes, it is possible to do with window vista, 7 or server 2008. See below instructions,
1. Login with admin account
2. Turn off window UAC, goto control panel--> user accounts-->change user account control settings
3. Goto this folder C:\Windows\System32\drivers\imonagent, and right click ' eamservice.exe ' with mouse
4. Click ' Properties '
5. Click ' Change setting for all users ' and then check the box of ' Run this program as an administrator '

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