IMonitor File Access Monitor Features

Files Access and Operation Monitor Software, the best Office Sensitivel Documents Prevent Leaking Software for Business!

Real-time Monitor
IMonitor File Access Monitor watches real time file access by users and programs. You can configure how you are notified when a particular operation (file read, write, delete, etc) occurs.
Action Methods
Messeges Alert
A simple message box that displays monitor findings. These message boxes are smart: if there are many pending alerts you can easily dismiss them all at once.
Support Email Logs to Specific Email Address
Logs can be sent to specific email address, no matter where you are and when you login in, it is easy to review all the logs.
Generate Files Accessed Logs
Log the findings of any triggered monitor to a file. Separate files can be created for each day, week, month, etc.
Support Multiple Format export
Logs can be exported in most common formats like Microsfot Word, Excel and Html in order to review conveniently later.
Other Features
Configuration Security
Password protect IMonitor File Access Monitor, only the person knowing password can modify setting of IMonitor File Access Monitor.
Easy and Friendly User Interface
Clear program interface, let users master and understand the program in 10 mins
Simple and Quick Installation
Takes less than 1 minutes to install and get a default installation customized for your system.

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IMonitor IMonitor File Access Monitor (Single License $59.95)

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