Power Keylogger - Multiple function family keylogger software

Family Members Protecting Measure

Power Keylogger make your family in safety

No need to argue that internet is a great place for kids and teens. Kids can acquire all kinds of knowledge and make friend with anyone from anywhere in the world. For parents, that is also a good opportunity to let your family members being educated well. However, like old saying ‘one coin has two sides’, internet also has its disadvantages for your family safety, like children encountered internet pornography, internet abuse, received sexual email and being forced to talk any sexual content with strangers.

Now the point is How to ensure your family being in safe?

No doubt best way of making your family safe is ensuring internet activity of your family member in your sight. But how? It is impossible you can stay with him/her at all the time. Any possible solutions for that? IMonitor provide a family keylogger software which is just meeting your needs.

Power Keylogger, family keylogger software IMonitor developed, has so many cutting edge technology and powerful managed functions. It is not just a common family keylogger tool, though its name is ‘keylogger’. Besides all keyboard record function, Power Keylogger also has an ability of monitoring internet activity. Below are some key features which common sense of family keylogger has not included.

Keyboard Logged – Being family keylogger software, Power Keylogger is more powerful, not only just simply record touched key, also show you what application being used by uses.

Website Filter – Restrict specific website be accessed according to pre-set rules.

Screen Capture – Not like other family keylogger software, Power Keylogger has changed blur and hard-read text into visual content. You just easily browse the screenshot to see what exactly your family member doing.

Email Monitored – Power Keylogger can fully record incoming and out coming email contents.

Chat Monitored – Family member online chatting can be clear to review.

Taking care of your family and always ensuring your family in safe, that is just family keylogger duty. Deciding which keylogger for your family is just your responsibility.

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