IMonitor Keylogger Pro customer live chat archives

How can i put the product on an emplyees PC?

If you're a new user,first you should create your account, login, and you will be able to download the agent program.

Can we specify the data transfer from client when it is connected to specific network?

If you don't want your client computers to send data on mobile network,you can use iMonitor Keylogger Pro to specify the network.

I would like to give the demo a try. Does it work over internet or only within internet?

If you have a server with static IP address,you can work over internet easily.

My Antivirus is attacking a file called Syscon.I'm assuming is this from imonitor?

When the antivirus is attacking your file imonitor file,you can add it to the exclusion list.

I want to monitor a pc from my phone.How can I do this?

IMonitor Keylogger Pro is the best choice for you to monitor a pc from your phone Whenever and wherever possible。

How do i download the imonitor trial version?

As a parent,maybe you want to know everything about your children and keep them away from dangers. Then just let our iMonitor Keylogger Pro help you.

How can i download the iMonitor Keylogger Pro free trail version? And how can i monitor a computer?

For new user,maybe you're not clear about how to download the iMonitor Keylogger Pro free trail version and how to add a computer to monitor it.Then you can come over this problem through this chat.

I want to block the facebook website so that my girlfriend won't spend all day on it,is there any software can stop this happening?

Are you dissatisfied with your girlfriend chat on Facebook all day rather than to you? Please try our iMonitor Keylogger Pro to stop it and let her always be Beside you.

How can i filter the website that i don't want my employee to see?

If you don't want your employee to see some website during working time,you can use the filter function to filter the website.

Does the iMonitor Keylogger software take screenshots of the imonitored computer activity?

Imonitor software standard version and professional version both can take screenshots of imonitored computer activity.

Does the imonitor software print reports?

Imonitor EAM and imonitor keylogger Pro version can create daily, weekly and monthly HTML report, you can print them anytime.

I want to put the software on an emplyee's PC,how can i do it?

In order to know better how your staff is doing his job, maybe you need to install the software on his computer.

Can i monitor my employees with my iphone?

IMonitor kerlogger pro is cloud based, you can even monitor your employees with your iphone from anywhere.

I am looking for a keylogger that can record both sides of a private chat with other features as well.Can you give me some advice?

IMonitor Keylogger Pro can record both sides of a private chat and run in stealth mode,no message, no window, and 3 days free trial.

Do i have to start the imonitor programm on the monitored PC everyday?

You don't have to start the imonitor programm on the monitored PC everyday,It will start automatically with windows startup.

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