Can i monitor my employees with my iphone?

iMonitor: Hello,how may i help you?

Customer: Hello,I'm interested in monitoring 3 employee computers remotely and while i'm in the office.

iMonitor: IMonitor keylogger pro?

Customer: Not sure, I was hoping you could point me in the right direction for what I need.

iMonitor: IMonitor keylogger pro is cloud based, you can even monitor your employees from anywhere.

Customer: Can i monitor three employees with various open windows? I want to see everything they do on the monitored computers.

iMonitor: Yes, you can.

Customer: So how much would it be for three computers? And can i spy on them from my iphone?

iMonitor: With the imonitor kerlogger pro you will be able to monitor them from your iphone.

Customer: Ok,great!

iMonitor: Please visit the purchase page to view the price.

Customer: Is there a package price for three?

iMonitor: 20% discounts.

Customer: So 69.95 times 3? minuse 20 percent?

iMonitor: Yes.

Customer: OK,i see.I wil place the order now.

iMonitor: OK,thank you.

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