Does the imonitor software print reports?

iMonitor: Hello,how may i help you?

Customer: Hello.We have installed the trial version and i am looking at top websites. What does the number of records mean?

iMonitor: IMonitor EAM? It means the page loaded times.

Customer: But she appears to keep this particular one open all day. So is it recording when she uses it?

iMonitor: Yes.

Customer: Does this software print reports?

iMonitor: Yes,the IMonitor EAM professional version can create daily, weekly and monthly HTML report, you can print them.

Customer: How much is the professional version?

iMonitor: How many computers do you want to monitor?

Customer: Two.

iMonitor: If only two, I suggest our cloud based solution, iMonitor Keylogger Pro. You can check this:

Customer: what about the cost?

iMonitor: $99.95 per PC,and here is the Price list

Customer: OK,thanks.I'll read it.

iMonitor: You are welcome.

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