How do i download the imonitor trial version?

iMonitor: Hello, How may I help you?

Customer: Hi,can you tell me how does this work?

iMonitor: IMonitor EAM?

Customer: Yes,if i install this software to my child pc,will it be visible?

iMonitor: No,it's invisible.

Customer: Great.

iMonitor: For Child PC, I'd like to suggest iMonitor Keylogger Pro.

Customer: Then how can i monitor?

iMonitor: It's a cloud based monitoring software.

Customer: I want to install this on my employes pc as well.

iMonitor: How many computers do you want to monitor?

Customer: 4.

iMonitor: I suggest iMonitor Keylogger Pro for you, it has almost all the features of iMonitor EAM.

Customer: How can i view what my empolyees are doing?

iMonitor: With the software you can see almost everything the user is doing on the computer.If you do not know how to start, please view the doc.

Customer: What is agent program? For example, i install this software in pc 1 now how can i view what they are doing?

iMonitor: You should install the agent program on the computer which you want to monitor.

Customer: OK,how to install this software to my empolyee and how do i see what they are doing?

iMonitor: 1.Sign up. 2. Sign in your account, download the agent program and install it on the computer which you want to monitor. 3. Log in your account, and start to monitor the computer.

Customer: Is this also not visible and will it show any alert?

iMonitor: Yes, not visible, and no alerts.

Customer: And what about live view?

iMonitor: You can view the live desktop.And this feature is only avaible in Keylogger Pro Premium Plan.

Customer: Is this?

iMonitor: Yes.

Customer: what is the cost?

iMonitor: 3 days trial, 99.95 per PC.

Customer: Ok,one more thing,after installing agent on victim pc how can i enable agian?

iMonitor: What does the "Enable Again" mean?

Customer: Like i instal software on my emplyee pc and then i want to close after some time.How should i do?

iMonitor: You mean uninstall?

Customer: Yes.

iMonitor: Just run the agent setup program again, and enter you password to uninstall it.

Customer: OK,i see.Thank you.

iMonitor: You are welcome.

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