How can i download the iMonitor Keylogger Pro free trail version? And how can i monitor a computer?

iMonitor: Hello, How may I help you?

Customer: Hi, i would like to try a free trail.Is this for home use?

iMonitor: Yes,for home use, I suggest our iMonitor Keylogger Pro, it’s Cloud based.

Customer: I see.could i have a trail before buying?

iMonitor: Yes, 3 days free trail, and no limits.

Customer: OK.Where is the link?


Customer: I went on this link but there is no iMonitor Keylogger Pro free trail.

iMonitor: Just sign up,create your online account, login, and then you can download the agent program.

Customer: I understand.Now I can see where to download it.

iMonitor: 1. Sign up. 2. Login.

Customer: Yes,i have done this.Now what should i do?

iMonitor: Click “Add Windows Computer".In the control Pane, Click “Add Windows Computer"

Customer: I cannot see this.

iMonitor: Can you login your account now? Home -> Add Device ->Add Windows Computer.Then you can monitor other's computer.

Customer: Yes, i am logged in.

iMonitor: OK.

Customer: Thank you.

iMonitor: It'ok.

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