How can i filter the website that i don't want my employee to see?

iMonitor: Hello,How may I help you?

Customer: Hi,I'm trying something and are not working well.It's about filter website.

iMonitor: You have to close all the web browsers and open again.

Customer: Yes,and restart the computer which has the agent installed.

iMonitor: Which website do you want to block? Please tell me your settings.


iMonitor: Facebook uses https, you should go to keywords filter, add "facebook"and tick "End program".

Customer: One moment.

iMonitor: OK.

Customer: I have installed on the server Ammyy.

iMonitor: OK, please tell me your ID.

Customer: ......

iMonitor: Hi, please try to access and facebook on the monitored computer.

Customer: OK.

iMonitor: You can see, the site flag is "Block".

Customer: Yes,that's fine.

iMonitor: OK,if you want to block everything about facebook, just use the keyword filter.You also can block webmail with the keyword filter, like "gmail".

Customer: Ok,thank you. Another question.

iMonitor: What's that?

Customer: Does the agent can send the information if the computer is outside the local network? For example, nat port or vpn.

iMonitor: It can work with VPN.

Customer: And nat port?

iMonitor: Actually,if the agetn cannot connect to the server, it will store logs on local computer, and upload them to the server when the connection is avialable.

Customer: OK,i see.

iMonitor: Everything will be OK, if you can ping the server's IP address from the client,the client can be anywhere.

Customer: OK.

iMonitor: I can not find any log of

Customer: No,that is blocked.

iMonitor: Blocked? I am not very clear.

Customer: I mean that the page is not avialable,

iMonitor: OK.

Customer: Thanks for the explanation.

iMonitor: My pleasure.

Customer: I hope the client likes the application.

iMonitor: I think he will, good luck.

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